• Excavation
  • Grading
  • Backfill
  • Clean Burn
  • Clay Placement
  • Survey
  • Fusion Welding of HDPE Pipe
  • Clearing & Grubbing
  • Chipping of wood & debris
  • Removal & relocation of waste
  • Building access road
  • Dust control
  • Granite curbing
  • Placement of sanitary sewer lines
  • Placement of manholes
  • Water main lines & services
  • Hydrants & valves

Our Services

  • Topsoil
  • Rock Excavation
  • Gradient control systems
  • Overflow structures
  • Handling of contaminated water
  • Removal of structures
  • Building of storm ponds, channels & swales
  • Gravity & force main piping
  • Live cell hookup
  • Dismantling live pump stations
  • Installing pump stations & grinders
  • Removal & closures of leachate ponds
  • Removal of leachate sludge
  • Building haul roads
  • Restoration
  • Building Demolition
  • Dewater-storm water

We do large excavation projects.  We are capable of moving up to 10,000 cy of dirt per crew per day.  We have accomplished several jobs with large amounts of dirt excavation in a short time frame.  JBS runs GPS at their job sites.  This helps maintain grades within design with less surveying and stakeout.  We also have a mobile GPS to allow us to stakeout any area of the job site as needed.  Most landfill projects require us to run equipment with less than 5 psi on geo-membrane liners.  We usually have to grade the drainage layer on top of the geo-membrane that is only 1 foot deep and to be kept within 1/10 of a foot to design and without doing any damage to the geo-membrane.  A lot of our project require a very tight time frame for completion.  JBS finishes it's projects within the scheduled time or before.  If JBS sees something that may help the owner save money we will contact them and give them the suggestion.  Working together as a team with owners/project managers/construction mangers make the project go much smoother for everyone. 

JBS owns 30 key pieces of equipment ranging from:

385, 375 (7cy bucket), 330's, 320, 312, 304, 303.5 excavators

D9, D8, D-6-M LGP, D-6-R's, with GPS control

950's, 906's and skid steers

14G motor grader GPS capable

Tractor pullpans

4000 gallon water trucks

Miscellaneous support equipment and specialized equipment.

What we do

All of our employees are 10 hr OSHA trained.  Most of our employees are 30 hr OSHA trained, Lead trained, Asbestos trained, MSHA trained, SWPPP trained, CPR and 1st aid trained and some are 40 hour OSHA trained.

Digging for a Better future
JBS Dirt, Inc.

Our Employees

  • Leachate re-circulation lines
  • Gas collection systems
  • Header lines & valves
  • Tie-in to gas collection lines
  • Compaction
  • Grading with GPS
  • Surveying with GPS
  • Seeding & mulching
  • Placement of geo-composite
  • Rip-rap
  • Redemption clean up
  • Concrete sidewalks & pavers
  • Raised septic beds
  • Airport runways
  • Traffic control
  • Wetland development