JBS Dirt, Inc.

Duration: 16 days

Access roads through wetlands

Creating wetlands

Highway ramp

*Build 3,600 lf access road to wetland

*install culvert pipe

*stabilization fabric

*strip topsoil

*excavation material to create wetland & use for fill on new highway ramp

*haul material over road

NYS DOT Wetland & I-781 Highway Ramp

Duration: 15 days

Demo security canopies

*remove metal canopies for update security project

*metal siding was recycled

*metal structure saved for reuse

Duration: 3 months

site work for new Nice & Easy service station

*cut to fill

*build subgrade for building pad

*sanitary grease trap

*underground storm retainage

*parking lot subbase


Duration: 6 weeks

C&D landfill expansion & closure

*80,000 cy cut for new cell construction

*waste relocation

*shaping old waste & putting cap on it


*10 acres of erosion control mat

*new cell certified within 1/10 of a foot to design grade

*storm basin for on site retention

Duration: 6 weeks

4 acre cell expansion

4 acre cell closure

*excavated 200,000 cy of dirt and stockpiled it on site

*Moved 55,000 cy of wood debris

*Ground 30,000 cy of wood waste for reuse

*Redesigned and built 2,000 lf of storm drainage

*Rebuilt 1/2 mile of access road

*Maintained dust control

*Gave the owner a recommendation for a redesign for a cost savings. Owner used the redesign and saved them 1 year of airspace.

Adirondack Central School Addition

Cypress Acres Landfill - Ocala, FL (1998)

Our Work

Fort Drum - OP6A Box Culvert

Duration: 4 months

support for gravel pit

*worked at gravel pit digging underwater to load haul trucks to feed 3 screen plants to be stockpilied

Syracuse Sand & Gravel

Duration: 5 days

Demo buildings

*demo 5 buildings & removal

*erosion control

*asphalt removal

*disconnect water, gas & sanitary


*seed & mulch

Fort Drum Fire Station Demo

Duration: 90 days

build 1,500 lf of new taxiway

*topsoil strip, screen and replace


*place subbase

*place 2 - 72" storm pipes

*taxiway lighting


*joint filling

*line stripping

*seed & mulch

Hamilton Airport - Phase I - 2011

Duration: 4 months

Co-Gen Plant for Stanley Jones Corporation @ TSCR

*excavation & backfill for foundations & utilities

*installed 24" HDPE chiller lines with a 24" return line

*excavation & backfill for steam lines & expansion loops

*all of these services were installed around live utilities, digging under utilities & pulling new pipes under existing live utilities without interruption

TSCR - 2,500 Car Pre-Cast Parking Garage

Duration: 5 months

5 acre landfill expansion

*Excavated 150,000 cy of dirt and stockpile on site

*20,000 cy of rock excavation

*subgrade preparation for geo-membrane

*Certified subgrade within 1/10 of a foot to design

*Placed 1 foot of drainage sand on top of geo-membrane

*Placed leachate collection sumps, risers, pumpstation, gravity and force main piping

*Relocated 10,000 cy of waste and re-certified slopes (existing cell was overfilled)

*Maintained dust control

Duration: 4 weeks

precast box curlvert

*excavate and set 280 lf of precast box culvert 18' to invert

*excavate and set precast wing walls

Fort Drum Box Culvert 4700

Duration: 8 months

Site work reconstruction

Rebuild baseball & softball fields

Build new soccer field

Replace concrete sidewalks

*irrigation piping



*clay surface

*flat drain

*J drain


*improve drainage

*replace sidewalks

*rebuild baseball & softball fields

*build new soccer field

Stockbridge Valley Schools Addition

Fort Drum Runway 8-26 Runway Rehab

Duration: 2 months

508,000 sf runway rehab

*Place P-209

*fine grade P-209

*paving taxiway

Duration: 7 months

8 acre expansion

Storm System

*Landfill expansion 10' below water level

*Excavated 200,000 cy of dirt and stockpiled it on site

*Certified subgrade within 1/10 of a foot to design

*Excavated 50,000 cy of clay

*Placed 50,000 cy of clay in 6" lifts with 95% compaction, optimum moisture

*Placed 20,000 cy of drainage sand on top of geo-membrane and certified within 1/10 of a foot to design

*Subgrade preparation for geo-membrane

*Placed geo-composite

*Welded HDPE piping

*Installed gradient control piping

*Installed manholes

*Installed lift station

*Built storm ponds, channels and swales

*Placed overflow structures

*Built leachate collection system: pipe, stone and lift station

*Relocated 15,000 cy of waste

*Pumped 4 million gallons of contaminated water

*Re-mediation clean up, oil spill

*Placed rip-rap in storm channels

*Removal of concrete foundations

*Maintain dust control

Duration: 1 week

Emergency Snow Removal

*Winter 2014 - Buffalo Hit with 8' of snow

*Emergency snow removal for Buffalo Bills Stadium

*2 - 12 hours shifts with 2 loaders with snow blow blades

Buffalo Emergency Snow Removal

Duration: 6 months

addition to chapel & parking lot

*clear & grub

*cut & fill parking lot

*install utilities: storm, water & sanitary


*sidewalk prep

*screen & replace topsoil

TSCR - Antunyote Golf Course Parking Area & Access Road 

TSCR - Co-Gen Plant

This Page is still under construction, thank you!

7 Mile Landfill - Wisconsin

Duration: 4 weeks

site work for commercial building

*site survey

*silt fence

*cut to fill

*subgrade prep


*stone subbase

*fine grade

*excavation & backfill footers

*building pad prep

*storm water

*water service

*site electrical

*sidewalk prep

Baldwinsville Family Dollar

Duration: 3 months

Box culvert

*build coffer dams


*structure removal

*pier foundations

*pour footers

*set precast

*backfill precast

*build new road section

Duration: 90 days

new 2,500 lf taxiway on active airport

*site survey

*topsoil strip & replace

*cut to fill

*import fill

*storm piping


*asphalt paving

*runway stripping

*airport lighting

*airplane tie-down

*seed & mulch

Duration: 140 days

airport new runway & taxiway

widening of existing runway

*185,000 cy of cut to fill

*Box out for new runway & taxiway

*widening existing runway 12' each side

*placing 24" of aggregate stone, 12" P-154, 12" P-209

*fine grade for pavement

*topsoil strip & replace

Canandaigua Airport

Duration: 1.5 years as needed

Golf Dome, Club House & Tennis Dome

*building excavation & backfill for building footers

*all utilities: storm, water, gas & sanitary

*help with electrical & telcom system

*help place fabric for two different dome systems

*rock boring for utilities  

TSCR - Golf Dome, Club House & Tennis Dome

Duration: 6 months

8 acre landfill expansion

*Excavated 250,000 cy of dirt and placed it on site

*Certified subgrade within 1/10 of a foot to design

* Subgrade preparation for geo-membrane

*Placed 2' of clay in 6" lifts at 95% compaction at optimum moisture

*Built storm ponds and channels

*Removal of leachate sludge

*Closure and removal of leachate pond

*Built access roads and haul roads

*Restoration of borrow pit

*Built containment wall within the new cell to hold 1.5 million gallons of contaminated water

*Excavated containment wall within new cell back to design grade after contaminated water was removed

*Maintained dust control

Star Ridge Landfill - Alabama

Duration: 3 months

9 acre new cell

*site survey

*topsoil strip & replace

*291,000 cy cut to fill

*385,000 sf fine grade

*36,000 cy soil liner processed

(glacieral til to make 1x10 7 clay liner material)

Ava Landfill

Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority

Boonville NY

Duration: 90 days

new 2,500 lf runway at new airport

*site survey

*clear & grub

*topsoil strip & replace

*cut to fill

*storm piping



*asphalt paving

*asphalt lighting

*electrical vault

*airplane tie-down

*runway stripping

*water service to office

*seed & mulch

Syracuse Suburban Airport

Duration: 1 week

River beautification at transfer station

*clear and grub riverbank

*Subgrade preparation

*Placed rip-rap along riverbank

*Building demolition

King and Queen Landfill - Virginia

Duration: 9 months

site work for child center

*clear & grub

*erosion control/SWPPP

*cut to fill

*building pad prep

*water main, fire loop, sanitary system, gas service

*screen topsoil

*road boring

*play ground prep

*sanitary line 17.5' deep

*topsoil strip & replace

Fort Drum Child Development Center

Fort Drum - Chapel Addition & Parking Lot

Rochester - Ballantyne Road Wetland Mitigation

Duration: 6 months

Central Warehouse Facility

*60,000 cy cut to removal off site

*excavation & backfill building foundation

*storm & fire pond development with liner

*storm utilities

*fire protection line

*sanitary with leach field



Duration: Clean Burning - 1 month

Out Building - 1 month

*Clean burning of tree debris

*Grubbing and deep pit burning with an air curtain

*Working with owner to fit the new out building and comfort station in on an active golf course without interruptions to players

*Out Building site work, septic and pavers

Macon County Landfill - Illinois

Wisconsin River Bank

Duration: 1 year

Extend existing runway & safety improvements

*development of borrow pit

*34 acres of clearing & grubbing

*30,000 cy topsoil strip

*22,000 cy topsoil screen & replace

*4,500 lf haul road development

*550,000 cy borrow to fill

*34,000 cy cut to fill on site

*traffic control

*site survey

*settlement plates

*security fence


Binghamton Airport Runway Extension & Safety Improvements

Duration: 2 years

site civil C-5 refueling station

*drilling & blasting within 400' of tower

*building excavation & backfill

*storm & sanitary systems

*8"water hydrant, valve & fitting

*gas service

*prep subbase

*concrete curb & gutter

*oil water separator

*prep 5 acres of hard stand for concrete


*seed & mulch

West Virginia C-5 Refueling Station

Gloversville Walmart

Duration: 1 year

Site Package

*rebuild & expand existing live infrastructure at working resort

*removal of parking lots while building new designed parking areas

*expanding water feature pond

*installing storm water under piping

*collection piping up to 42" diameter

*tie-ins to live sanitary lines

*installing new pump station with grinder pumps

*installing new fire and domestic water lines around outside of the new expansion

*rebuilt entrance roads, loop roads while maintaining traffic flow with minor interruption to paying patrons

*new sidewalks & walking paths, some walks were installed with snow melt

*ALL of the excavation & major changes were done with minor interruption to owner's clients

TSCR Site Package

TSCR - Lodge Hotel

Duration: 90 days

Old industrial building site clean up and place green cap on it

*place 18,000 cy of crusher run

*place 610,000 sf of separation fabric

*place 40,000 cy of clean fill

*place 14,000 cy of topsoil

*610,000 sf of seed & mulch

*1,200 lf walking path

Fort Drum Fire Station

TSCR - Shenendoah Parking Area

Duration: 4 months in extreme weather conditions

100 room 5 star hotel

*built 5 star 100 room hotel under extreme weather conditions

*excavated through 3' of frost for deep footers to keep hotel on schedule

*backfilled deep footers with limited access

*built crane pads & access roads

Trent Jones Design 18 hole golf course Burning & Out Building

Pecan Row Landfill - Georgia

Digging for a Better future

Lock E-6

Carrier Industrial Cleanup & Green Space Cap

Duration: 3 months

Parking lot & access road expansion

*55 acres

*clear and grub 10 acres

*66,000 cy topsoil strip

*101,000 cy cut to fill

*746,000 sf subgrade prep

*10,000 lf underdrain

*58,000 ton stone base, placing 5,000 ton per day

*9,000 cy topsoil placed

*developed storm system through sed-basin forbay, rip-rap channel & outlet structures

*planted wetland plants

*1,700,000 sf seed & mulch

*concrete curb (subbed out)

*asphalt paving (subbed out)

*flag poles & rock walls

Duration: 6 months

2,500 car pre-cast parking garage

*excavated & backfilled footers & side walls

*controlled rock blasting was required to get to the depth for footers (some rock cuts were 20' deep)

*Installed footer drains & under floor slab drains

*worked with erection crews to make crane pads and access for precast trucks

Antunyote Golf Course - Fazio Design 18 Hole PGA Golf Course

Duration: 2 years as needed

Site Work Project, school addition

*Building excavation and backfill

*Rebuild parking lot and access road

*Installed sanitary sewer, storm sewer, new manholes, rebuild existing manholes

*Placed 8" water main, hydrants and valves

*Placed topsoil

*Seeded, mulched and maintained for 6 mowings

*Had to run equipment through school to work in courtyard area

*Maintain dust control

Duration: 3 months

5 acre parking apron

750 lf new taxiway

*site survey

*silt fence

*25,000 cy cut to fill

*pavement milling

*infiltration trenches

*20,000 ton P-209 placement compacted to 100%

*asphalt paving

*line stripping

*crack & seat concrete

*storm water system

*24" mat & cradel

*60" Cure In Place Storm Liner

*seeding & mulching

*airport lighting & signs

*airport traffic control

Duration: 90 days

New Hotel site work


*clearing & grubbing

*topsoil strip & replace

*site cut to fill

*import fill

*building excavation & backfill

*8" sanitary main line

*6" sanitary service line

*8" water main & service

*storm piping & detention pond

*subbase for asphalt

*subbase for sidewalk

*seed & mulch

Duration: 6 months

Pedestrian bridge

*started with excavation of footers and went all the way to doing the finishing wood work with high quality wood finishes. 

*We worked with design architect from start to finish

Walmart  - Clay

Duration: 12 weeks

Walmart Rehab

Turn old Sam's Club into new Walmart Super Center.  Site contractor defaulted.  JBS was asked to finish sitework.

*tore out new storm & manholes

*reset manholes, placed new storm pipe

*finished sanitary

*finished water

*finished fire service

*excavated for curb

*prepped sidewalks

*excavated for plumber

*repair damaged utilities

*prepped for pavement

*repair topsoil

*check out site structures & pipe, repaired as needed

*fine graded building slab within 1/4"

Duration: 2 weeks

build new parking lot

*site survey

*pavement prep

*joint filling

*cold milling

*cut to fill


*fine grade


*line stripping

*traffic control

*guide rail

*traffic signs

*seed & mulch

Duration: 7 days per well pad

Create haul roads & drill pads for natural gas drilling

*silt fence & double silt fence with hay bales

*topsoil strip

*clear and grub

*build haul roads

*storm swales

*cut to fill for pads

*cut and line drill ponds

*create drill rig pads

*temporary seed & mulch

Nornew Gas Well Project

Fort Drum MP Battalion

Nice & Easy - Sylvan Beach

Duration: 8 months as needed

Lava Night Club addition

*excavation & backfill for foundations

*utilities: chiller lines, water, fire & sanitary


*granite curb


*seeding and sodding

TSCR - Lava Night Club

TSCR Pedestrian Bridge

TSCR - Central Warehouse Facility

Duration: 3 months

coal mine reclamation project

*12,500 lf access road built

*3,500 lf straw waddles

*6,000 lf silt fence

*73 acre clear and grub

*1st cut to fill 516,000 cy

*1,200 lf rock lined ditches

*3,200 lf brush barriers

*73 acres seed & mulch

*site survey

Ferndale Coal Mine Reclamation Project

Duration: 4 weeks

build a containment pond for dredging

*52,000 cy cut to fill to make containment dikes to hold material from dredging operation on Erie Canal

*build containment pond for dredging operation

Duration: 3 weeks

Build a berm for dredging operation

*3 acres of clearing & grubbing

*2 acres (8,400 cy) of vegetation removal

*21,000 cy cut to fill on site

*1,700 sf drainage layer

*25,000 sf stabilization fabric

*1,800 sf construction entrance

*98,000 sf seed & mulch


*site survey

Buffalo Berm

Fort Drum Demo

Duration: 12 to 14 days each visit/year

Overburden removal/miscellaneous work

*MSHA trained

*topsoil strip

*remove over burden (30,000 - 100,000 cy)

*build access roads

*rebuild outer safety berms

*precast concrete plant concrete waste clean up

*clean up rock ledges & quarry floors to make safe work areas

*build ramps for radius conveyors

*build 4 acres of sed-basins for stone wash plant

Cypress Acres C&D Landfill (2005)

Duration: 2 months

5 acre landfill cell re-certification

*Cleared debris from drainage sand layer

*Certified drainage sand layer within 1/10 of a foot to design

*Jet cleaned 5,000 lf of existing leachate lines

*Placed 10,000 sy of geo-composite

*Placed 200 ton of stone on existing geo-membrane while maintaining less than 5 psi working load

*Welded HDPE pipe

*Placed 1,000 lf of leachate collection lines on existing geo-membrane

*Tied into live leachate lines

*Closed gap in containment berm and placed geo-membrane to tie into existing geo-membrane

*Dewater (storm dewater)

*Placed 2,000 lf of leachate re-circulation lines

*Placed 3,000 lf of gas collection lines, header lines and valves

*Tied into live gas collection lines

*Maintained dust control

RON Apron - Syracuse International Airport

Duration: 10 months

site work for new fire station

*site survey

*erosion control

*clear & grub

*topsoil strip, screen & replace

*cut to fill

*prep building pad

*water, sanitary, oil water separator, gas service

*asphalt subbase

*sidewalk prep

*seed & mulch

Duration: 4 weeks

wetland mitigation project

build farm fields into wetlands

*erosion control

*strip topsoil

*place cut into stockpiles

*replace stockpiled topsoil

*seed & mulch

*build access roads through wetland

*install drainage pipes across access roads

Duration: 5 months

8 acre landfill expansion

*Excavated 20,000 cy of dirt and stockpiled it off site

*Subgrade preparation for geo-membrane

*Certified subgrade within 2/10 of a foot to design

*Placed 4' of clay in 6" lifts with 90% compaction and optimum moisture

*Dried clay from 45% moisture to 16% optimum moisture

* Welded HDPE pipe

*Placed leachate collection piping

*Contained and by-pass pumped leachate between live cell and new expansion

*Relocated waste

*Tie-in of live leachate gravity pipe

*Maintained dust control

Syracuse International Airport -

Cell Phone Parking

Duration: 1 year

5 acre site package for family clinic

*site survey

*2,000 lf silt fence

*5 acre clear & grub

*5,000 cy topsoil strip

*3,500 cy cut to fill

*750 lf trench blasting for new sanitary on active military base

*56,000 sf subbase

*fine grade


*storm piping, water service, gas service, fire servce

*traffic control

*seed & mulch

Fort Drum Soldier Family Care Clinic

Duration: 2 years

site work

*Site survey

*Site demo buildings & utilities

*building excavation & backfill

*recycle subbase on site

*topsoil strip and replace

*cut to fill

*storm piping 6" to 48"

*8" water mains, hydrants & fittings

*8" sanitary


*sidewalk prep

*concrete hardstand prep

*gas service

*seed & mulch

Duration: 4 months

New parking area, sidewalks, cart path extension, wetland expansion

*development of a private parking area

*clear and grub

*move high voltage electrical service

*redesigned storm system to reroute around existing underground utilities

*development of new wetland and wier


*granite curb



*help transplant 24" trees

Duration: 4 months

coal mine reclamation project

*280,000 cy cut to fill

*6,500 lf composite filter sock

*33 acres clear & grub

*1,200 lf subsurface drain

*erosion control mat

*33 acres seed & mulch

*site survey

Moshannon Far North Coal Mine Reclamation Project

Duration: 465 days

Site work for new COF/TEMF Buildings

*site survey

*topsoil strip & replace

*cut to fills

*sanitary lines & structures, storm lines & structures, water lines, fire lines

*subbase placement

*drainage & separation fabrics

*fine grade for hardstand

*asphalt parking lots


*rip-rap channels

*SWPPP infiltration trenches & dry swales

*sidewalk prep

*seed & mulch

Fort Drum COF/TEMF

Hamilton Airport - Phase II (2009)

Duration: 100 days

development of subgrade for a Walmart Store

*44,000 cy topsoil strip

*230,000 cy cut to fill

*3,400 sy geo-wall on 1:1 1/2 slope

*22,000 cy topsoil screen

*15,000 cy topsoil place

Rock Quarries - New York State

Farfield Inn - Verona

Duration: 18 hole golf course - 3 months

Golf course access road - 1 year as needed

Golf Course:

*Clearing & grubbing 70 acres with deep pit burning using an air curtain

*Stripping 100,000 cy of topsoil & stock piling it

*Cut to fill 500,000 cy in 60 days

*Blasting rock to develop a lake feature

*Excavated rock that went to subbase for a new access road to golf course

*Shaping each hole and green, working with designer to make golf course a top PGA golf course

Access Road

*Clearing & grubbing, trying to make the roadway look as natural as possible

*Poor soil conditions we imported shot rock to stabilize subgrade

*10,000 lf of road that is the gateway to a future top PGA golf course