*Fort Drum 91st MP Battalion

*Fort Drum Fire Station

*Fort Drum Fire Station Demo

*Fort Drum Child Development Center

*Fort Drum Security Plaza

*Fort Drum COF/Temf

*Fort Drum Runway 8-26

*Fort Drum Chapel and Parking Lot

*Fort Drum Soldier Family Care Clinic

*Fort Drum OP6A

*Fort Drum 4700 Pre-cast Box Culvert

*167th Airlift Wing C-5 Refueling Station

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Our Work


*Trent Jones Golf Course

​*Antunyote (Tom Fazio Design) Golf Course

*Antunyote Golf Course Access Road

*The Lodge Hotel

*Pre-Cast Parking Garage

*Site Package

*Co-Gen Plant

*Central Warehouse Facility

*Pedestrian Bridge

*Golf Dome, Tennis Dome, Club House

*Lava Night Club

*Shenendoah Parking Area

*Antunyote Access Road Parking Area

*Point Place Casino



*Wisconsin River Cleanup

*Buffalo Bills Stadium Emergency Snow Removal



*Cypress Acres C&D Landfill 1998

*7 Mile Creek Landfill

*Star Ridge Landfill

*King & Queen Landfill

*Pecan Row Landfill

*Cypress Acres C&D Landfill 2005

*Ava Landfill

​*Rodman Landfill



JBS Dirt, Inc.


*Callanan Industries Oxbow Quarry

*Callanan Industries South Beth Quarry

*Quarry Norther Tier

*Callanan Industries Pattersonville Quarry

*Syracuse Sand & Gravel

*Callanan Industries South Beth Quarry - Storm

​*Holden Trap Quarry

Digging for a Better future

Federal, State, County, Town

*Adirondack CSD

*Stockbridge Valley CSD

*SUNY IT Wild Cat Drive

Turning Stone Resort & Casino

Company Intro Page

* Hamilton Airport 2009

*Syracuse Suburban Airport

*Binghamton International Airport

*Canandaigua Airport

*Syracuse International Airport RON Apron

*Syracuse International Airport Cell Phone Lot

*Plattsburg International Airport

*Syracuse International Airport Sand Storage Building

*Syracuse International Airport Cargo Apron Rehab

*Sidney Airport

*Wilkes-Barre International Airport

*I-781 & NYS DOT Wetland

*NYS Berm Dredging Op

*Ballantyne Road Wetland Mitigation Project

*Mine Reclamation Project 3232 Ferndale

*Lock E-6

​*Mine Reclamation Project 6811 Moshannon

*Mine Reclamation Project 6811 Hamilton Township

*Mine Reclamation Project 4339 Glenwhite

*Mine Reclamation Project 1489 Boswell

*Mine Reclamation Project 1058 Harrison Hills

*Land Port of Entry Alexandria Bay

*Town of Cicero Highway Garage

*Sylvan Beach Waste Water Treatment Plant

​*Orange Lot NYS Fairgrounds

*Fairfield Inn & Suites

*Gas Well Roads and Pads

*Former Carrier Site- Green Cap

*Walmart Gloversville

*Old Castle Pre-Cast Plant

*Nice & Easy Gas Station & Convenience Store

*Walmart Clay

*Dollar General Baldwinsville

*Griffiss Parking Area

*Commercial Property Cleanup

*Tully Ball Field

*Frankfort IDA Waterline Relocate

*Montreign Casino

*Empire Farms Greenhouse

*Marcy Nanoncenter Site Prep

*Marcy Nanocenter Quad C

*Marcy Nanocenter Substation

*Marcy Nanocenter Site Development

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